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My name is John, though most people call me Jb. I'm a digital product designer based in Toronto, Canada whose main focus is using human centred design to create useful and meaningful digital experiences. I am a recent graduate from Humber College's Multimedia Design & Development program with a specialization in UX & UI Design.

Ever since I was young, I've been fascinated by technology and digital interfaces. When I wasn't playing basketball, I was the type of kid who loved computers, iPods, phones, you name it. I've always questioned the reasoning behind designs and how the whole process worked. This interest led me to completing a User Experience Design Certificate at Brainstation in Toronto, where I discovered the importance of design thinking and user research.

Throughout my time with Humber College and Brainstation, I've gained a passion for becoming a problem solver. With this, I've realized the importance of how user research and empathy truly fuel the base for creating solutions that solve user problems.

I am currently seeking full-time job opportunities! Send me an email to connect or have a chat!

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I am currently seeking full-time opportunities
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